Iron Gods

Bastards and Broken Bots.

Session 1

A band of bastards and outsiders raised a glass at the Copper Coin, unaware of the impact their new fellowship would have on the history of Numeria, Golarion and even the multiverse.

They had come together to delve into the newly-discovered caves beneath Black Hill, searching for a missing councilman and an answer to a catastrophe. The town’s primary source of income (a violet flame that burned atop the hill, as large as a house and hot enough to soften sky metal) had suddenly been extinguished. If it was not relit, and soon, the seasonal tithe to the evil Technic League would fall short and the town would be garrisoned.

The adventurers paid for their meal and went to speak with Val Baine, Councilman Khonnir Baine’s adopted daughter, to gain insight into their missing man.


They found her house being dismantled by a crazed automaton, and destroyed it with fire, blade and bullets. The girl was safe, if a bit agitated. They learned little, save that Khonnir sought a blessing from the priests of Brigh before his fateful expedition.

From Councilors Joram Kyte and Dolga Otterbie they learned of their reward (4,000 golden sovereigns and a scroll of resurrection for the successful rescue of Khonnir Baine and the reignition of the fire). Joram also called upon his goddess to bless the rescuers with magic to breathe water so as to traverse the underwater tunnel that fed into the hidden caves. He also lent the rescuers an ivory wand of healing, with the understanding that it’s cost must be repaid.

So equipped, they dove into the tainted waters of Weeping Pond and navigated a drowned tunnel into the dark caves. They slew strange mastiff-sized insects, predatory slimes, found the bodies of previous rescuers.

They discovered an underground village with huts made of scrap and junk. Near it stood a huge wall of strange burnished steel, with a man sized circle etched into its face. Before they could investigate they were nearly captured by a tribe of under dwelling humanoids with chameleon like skin.


Their leader, called Sef, struck a bargain: if the group cleared out a nest of gremlins near the village, she would allow safe passage. The group accepted and made their way towards the infested tunnels.

Almost immediately, they were attacked by evil gremlins, tiny and vicious and surrounded by an aura of misfortune that caused the explorers to accidentally slice their hands while drawing weapons, or sneeze exactly when firing a shot. Through perseverance (and not a small amount of frustration) the band slew the vanguard of gremlins. In the darkened tunnels, the shrieking laughter of more could be heard advancing. Many more.



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