NPCs and Organizations

In your adventures, you’ll meet a lot of interesting people and organizations, and hear about others that you may not interact with at all. Here’s a list of people or organizations you have heard of or met so far, along with what you know about them. Players who hear about a person or organization can make Knowledge checks to find out more; most folk will fall under Knowledge (local), but rulers or governmental types will fall under Knowledge (nobility), and most Technic League members are covered under Knowledge (arcana), to name just a few exceptions.


Khonnir Baine, Torch town councilor, owner of Foundry Tavern
Dolga Feddert, Torch town councilor, owner of Dolgas Foundry
Joram Kyte, Torch town councilor, Temple of Brigh high priest
Val Baine, daughter of Khonnir Baine


Pathfinder Society
Technic League
Kellid Tribes

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NPCs and Organizations

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