Welcome to Iron Gods!


Our first session is 9/3/2016 at 4pm. I expect most (if not all) of the first session will be taken up by character creation.

I’ll try and keep this updated as we go. Useful links will pop up as I think of them as well as pointers to new stuff to catch your attention. A reminder that the Technology Guide is banned reading for players. In their wisdom, Paizo riddled it with specific spoilers about this adventure path. Rules for playing as Androids are in the wiki. Check out the Player’s Guide!

Check out the Wiki for information about the people and places you have or will encounter.

I will put up unique and interesting Items in their own section to help you keep track of what a technological doohickey does (as well as whatever you guys call that thing.)

There is a Forum, as usual. Adventure Log posts will be more brief and less detailed to help keep it up to date.

Iron Gods

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